Kent Milfield

Kent Milfeld, Ph.D.

Manager, HPC Performance & Architecture Group
Research Associate

High Performance Computing

Kent received his undergraduate degrees in business and chemistry from Baylor University and his PhD in Chemical Physics from the University of Texas at Austin. Milfeld spent several years as a faculty member at the University of Houston a teaching Chemistry and Numerical Analysis and as Director of Computing in the Chemistry Department, before joining the TACC staff.

Over the last 18 years at the center, now named the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC), Kent has fulfilled many roles, including directing the HPC training programs, teaching Computational Chemistry in the UT Chemistry Department, organizing conferences, consulting, and collaborating on computational projects with fellow colleagues, within the DoD PET program, and at UT institutions such as the Institute for Advance Technology (IAT). Kent enjoys collaborating with his colleagues in conference proceeding and paper on topics such as grid software and technologies (Cluster Computing Through an Application-Oriented Computational Grid), HPC management (Batch System Deployment on a Production Terascale Cluster), evaluation of the latest computing hardware (Performance Characteristics of Dual-Processor HPC Cluster Nodes Based on 64-bit Commodity Processors), and IO (Experiences with the Parallel Virtual File System (PVFS) in Linux Clusters), to name a few.


HPC Team Lead for Lonestar Dell Dual-Core Linux Cluster

UT CS Graduate course CS395T: Parallel Programming for Science & Engineering

Teragrid Medium/Large Resource Allocation Committee (MRAC/LRAC) member

Support for UT and TeraGrid users

HPC Training coordinator & instructor

Software installation and testing

Architecture evaluation

Technical Areas of Interest

Cluster Micro-Architectures




Web Servers(WS)

Chemistry, Density Functional Theory

Major Projects

GridChem co-PI

Guest instructor for undergraduate and graduate HPC courses at UT


B.A., Business and Chemistry,
Baylor University

Ph.D. Chemical Physics,
University of Texas at Austin