Smruti Padhy

Joseph Meiring

Senior Software Engineer (RESA V)

Web & Mobile Applications Group

Joe joined TACC in 2016 as a member of the web and mobile applications group. He works on web portals, distributed systems and the associated infrastructure. Prior to TACC, he worked in academia, industry and as an independent contractor.

Selected Publications

"Hubble Space Telescope Observations of Sub-damped Lyα Absorbers at z < 0.5, and Implications for Galaxy Chemical Evolution", Som, Debopam; Kulkarni, Varsha P.; Meiring, Joseph; York, Donald G.; Péroux, Celine; Lauroesch, James T.; Aller, Monique C.; Khare, Pushpa

"QSO Absorption Systems Detected in Ne VIII: High-metallicity Clouds with a Large Effective Cross Section", Meiring, J. D.; Tripp, T. M.; Werk, J. K.; Howk, J. C.; Jenkins, E. B.; Prochaska, J. X.; Lehner, N.; Sembach, K. R.

"The First Observations of Low-redshift Damped Lyα Systems with the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph: Chemical Abundances and Affiliated Galaxies", Battisti, A. J.; Meiring, J. D.; Tripp, T. M.; Prochaska, J. X.; Werk, J. K.; Jenkins, E. B.; Lehner, N.; Tumlinson, J.; Thom, C.


Ph.D., Astronmy,
University of South Carolina

B.S., Physics,
College of Charleston