Jayce R. Warner, Ph.D.

Research Associate

Expanding Pathways in Computing (EPIC)

ROC 1.303

Jayce joined TACC in 2019. He conducts research across a variety of areas in computing education and manages multiple research projects aimed at improving educational outcomes for students and teachers. Before joining TACC, Jayce worked as a research associate at the STEM Center in the College of Education at UT Austin where he helped manage research and evaluation projects focused on STEM education in K-12 and college. His current work focuses on developing robust methods to quantify equity issues in computer science education, using multilevel modeling and other advanced quantitative methods to better understand educational outcomes for students and teachers, and identifying and measuring psychosocial factors that underlie student and teacher behavior.

Areas of Research and Interest

  • Equity in computer science education
  • Teacher professional development
  • Multilevel modeling of education outcomes
  • Psychometrics

Current Projects

  • Expanding Pathways in Computing
  • Project ROCS (Rural Opportunities in CS)
  • Common Metrics to Drive K-16 Broadening Participation in Computer Science Education
  • Quantifying Disparities in Computer Science Education

Selected Publications

Fletcher, C. L., & Warner, J. R. (in press). Leveraging collective impact to scale computer science teacher professional development and certification. In Mouza, C., Yadav, A., and Leftwich, A. (eds.), Preparing Teachers to Teach Computer Science: Models, Practices and Policies. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Warner, J. R., Fletcher, C. L., Torbey, R., & Garbrecht, L. S. (2019). Increasing capacity for computer science education in rural areas through a large-scale collective impact model. In Proceedings of the 50th ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education (pp. 1157-1163). New York, NY: ACM. doi: 10.1145/3287324.3287418

Gaines, R. E., Osman, D. J., Maddocks, D. L. S., Warner, J. R., Freeman, J. L., & Schallert, D. L. (2019). Teachers' emotional experiences in professional development: Where they come from and what they can mean. Teaching and Teacher Education, 77, p. 53-65.

Warner, J. R., Fletcher, C. L., Monroe, W., & Garbrecht, L. S. (2018). Growing the High School CS Teacher Workforce: Predictors of Success in Achieving CS Certification. In Proceedings of the 49th ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education, New York, NY: ACM. doi:10.1145/3159450.3162278

Fong, C. J., Warner, J. R., Williams, K. M., Schallert, D. L., Chen, L., Williamson, Z. H., & Lin, S. (2016). Deconstructing constructive criticism: The nature of academic emotions associated with positive, negative, and constructive feedback. Learning and Individual Differences, 49, 393-399.

Warner, J. R. (2015). Mindset Matters: How to help children build robust self-confidence for success in school. Our Kids, 31(10), 13-15.


Ph.D., M.A., Educational Psychology,
University of Texas at Austin