Brajesh Gupt

Research Associate

Future Technologies


Brajesh obtained his PhD in Theoretical and Computational Physics from Louisiana State University in 2014. Prior to joining TACC, he worked at Xanadu Quantum Technologies, Inc. in Toronto for two years focusing on developing quantum algorithms and benchmarking Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum devices (NISQ) using supercomputers. Before working at Xanadu, Brajesh was a postdoctoral scholar at the Institute for Gravitation and the Cosmos at the Pennsylvania State University, University Park. Since joining TACC in 2020, Brajesh's focus has been quantum computing, in particular developing and benchmarking quantum algorithms for near terms applications.

Areas of Research

  • Quantum Computing
  • Quantum Algorithms
  • High Performance Computing

Selected Publications

B. Gupt, J. Izaac, N. Quesada, The Walrus: the fastest calculation of hafnians, Hermite polynomials and Gaussian boson sampling, The Journal of Open Source Software, 10.21105/joss.01705

M. Schuld, K. Bradler, R. Israel, D. Su, and B. Gupt, "A quantum hardware-induced graph kernel based on Gaussian Boson Sampling" arXiv:1905.12646

B. Gupt, Arrazola, J. M., Quesada, N., & Bromley, T. R. "Classical benchmarking of Gaussian Boson Sampling on the Titan supercomputer", 2018 arXiv:1810.00900.

Rebentrost, P., B. Gupt , & Bromley, T. R. "Photonic quantum algorithm for Monte Carlo integration" 2018, arXiv e-prints, arXiv:1809.02579.

Bjorklund, A., B. Gupt , & Quesada, N. "A faster hafnian formula for complex matrices and its benchmarking on a supercomputer", arXiv:1805.12498. Journal of Experimental Algorithmics, Vol. 24, 1 (2019)

Rebentrost, P., B. Gupt , & Bromley, T. R. "Quantum computational finance: Monte Carlo pricing of financial derivatives" 2018, Physical Review A, 98, 22321. arXiv:1805.00109


B.E., Electronics and Communications Engineering

Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi, India

Ph.D., Physics

Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge LA