Ayat Mohammed

Ayat Mohammed

Post-doctoral Fellow

Scalable Visualization Technologies

Ayat Mohamed is a postdoctoral fellow at Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) at The University of Texas at Austin. She earned her Ph.D. in Computer Science from the department of Computer Science at Virginia Tech. Her M.Sc. was in Computer Science from the department of Scientific Computing, Ain Shams University, Egypt. Her research interests include High-Performance Visualization, Visual Data Analytics, Interactive Scientific Visualization, and Evaluating software usability. She designed, developed, and evaluated several tools under the umbrella of scientific data analysis and visualization.

Areas of Research

Scientific Data Visualization

Visual Data Analytics

User study design

Current Projects

Bioscience data immersive rendering

Colormaps design for scientific visualization

Selected Publications

Altarawy D, Shahin H, Mohammed A, Meng N. Lascad: Language-agnostic software categorization and similar application detection. Journal of Systems and Software. 2018 Aug 1;142:21-34.

Abidi F., Polys N., Rajamohan S., Arsenault L., Mohammed A., Remote High Performance Visualization of Big Data for Immersive Science, HPC symposium, Spring Simulation Multi-conference, 2018.

Mohammed A, Polys N, Marojevic V, Goff R M, Dietrich C B, Evaluating Multi-View Representations of aWeb3D Streaming Server. Under review of Web3D Conference, 2017.

Nicholas Polys, Ayat Mohammed, Jagathshree Iyer, Peter Radics, Faiz Abidi, Lance Arsenault, and Srijith Rajamohan, Immersive Analytics: Crossing the Gulfs with High-Performance Visualization, IEEE Workshop on Immersive Analytics (IA), associated with IEEE Virtual Reality, 2016.

Mohammed A., Bowen A., Vaughn H., High-fidelity rendering of Bioscience data using OSPRay and VR, Intel HPC-Developer Conference, 2017.

Mohammed A., Best Practices for Scalable Visualization, WHPC, SC, 2017.

Malmi-Kakkada A., Bowen A., Mohammed A., Visualization of Physical Signatures of Cancer Metastasis. Visualization showcase, SC, 2017.

Brown A, Polys N, Bevan D, Mohammed A., Insights into Alzheimer's Disease: Molecular Dynamics (MD) Simulations of Peptide-Membrane Interactions. In Proceedings of the XSEDE16 Conference on Diversity, Big Data, and Science at Scale, Jul 17 (p. 59). ACM, 2016.

Ayat Mohammed, Faiz Abidi, Srijith Rajamohan, Nicholas Polys, High Performance Visualization Pipeline for LiDAR Point Cloud Data, XSEDE Conference, 2016.

Ayat Mohammed, High-dimensional Data in Scientific Visualization: Representation, Fusion and Difference, Doctoral Consortium associated with IEEE Virtual Reality, 2016.


Virginia Tech

M.Sc., Computer Science,
Ain Shams University, Egypt

B.S., Computer Science,
Ain Shams University, Egypt