Andrew Solis

Andrew Solis

Visualization Laboratory Manager

Visualization Interfaces & Applications


I joined TACC as a full-time staff member in 2015, having worked for TACC for two years as an undergraduate research assistant and vislab proctor. I am the laboratory manager for both the lab located in the Peter O'Donnell Jr. Building (POB) as well as the Human Data Interaction (HDI) lab located inside our J.J. Pickle Research Campus building. I manage the lab and it's students with the support of my fellow colleagues, and work on projects related scientific visualization. My experience is in software development, having worked on projects related to virtual reality, web development, and visualization on HPC systems. Prior to working at TACC, I worked for IBM.

Areas of Research

Scientific Data Visualization

VR/AR/MR Systems and Application

Web Development

Current Projects


Previous Projects

Immerj: A novel system for democratizing immersive storytelling

NARA: National Archives and Records Administration


B.A., Computer Science,
University of Texas at Austin