Akhil Seth

Akhil Seth

Software Developer

Advanced Computing Interfaces


Akhil joined TACC as a Software Developer in May 2003. As a member of the Data and Information Systems group, he develops database-driven applications in support of scientific research. He has also developed grid-based web portals and toolkits as a former member of the Distributed and Grid Computing group. Before joining TACC, Akhil was a summer intern at the San Diego Supercomputer Center for five consecutive summers, where he helped develop Perl-based grid portals such as the NPACI HotPage and the GAMES portal.

Areas of Research

Database Application Development Software Architecture and Development Methodologies Distributed and Grid Computing Technologies Web Portals

Current Projects

Microsoft Technical Computing Initiative (TCI) NSF TeraGrid


B.S., Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, University of California at Berkeley