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TACC's documentation provides a detailed and comprehensive resource for our high-performance computing systems. Find information on hardware, software, tutorials, and best practices. Discover how TACC can help advance your research and computational goals.

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User Updates

GPU Small Queue Now Available

Lonestar6 has a new queue, "gpu-a100-small" designed for users who do not need a node's entire 3 GPUs in the "gpu-a100" queue. The jobs in this queue consume 1/3 of the full resources of a full node. If your job uses only a single GPU and less than 70GB of memory, you should try running in the "gpu-a100-small" queue. The charge rate for the "gpu-a100-small" queue is 1.5 SUs per node hour. Please submit any questions you may have through the TACC Consulting System or feedback form. https://tacc.utexas.edu/portal/ticketshttps://tacc.utexas.edu/about/help/

Ranch Maintenance Tuesday 14 November 2023

The Ranch environment will be down for system maintenance from 08:00 AM until 5:00 PM (CST) on Tuesday, 14 November 2023.  A software upgrade of the StorNext archiving application will be performed during this time.Please submit any questions you may have via the TACC User Portal.https://tacc.utexas.edu/portal/tickets

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Training & Events

CMake with Victor Eijkhout

This webinar covers CMake in three, increasingly sophisticated stages: using CMake, creating packages, and sharing packages with CMake users.


NHERI@UC San Diego User/Researcher Training Workshop

This workshop will be hosted in person at UC San Diego to bring together researchers and prospective users of the NHERI@UC San Diego Large High-Performance Outdoor Shake Table (LHPOST6) facility and equipment, highlight the capabilities and features of the newly upgraded LHPOST6, inspire new research ideas, and assist in proposal preparation for future projects.


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Byte Size Basics

A collection of easily digestible discussions on a variety of training topics.