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TACC Summer Supercomputing Institute

Published on May 21, 2007 by Faith Singer-Villalobos

The Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) at The University of Texas at Austin will host a five-day Summer Supercomputing Institute from Aug. 13-17. The Institute will provide researchers with an intensive introduction to using TACC's computing resources, including high performance computing (HPC) systems, visualization systems and advanced display environments, massive storage systems, and grid computing technologies.

TACC operates a comprehensive supercomputing environment, supporting hundreds of diverse research projects in Texas and across the U.S., and works closely with researchers to ensure these advanced computing technologies enable breakthrough computational research results.

"Advanced computing technologies are crucial for addressing many of the most challenging problems in science, and are increasingly important in business, healthcare and other applications," TACC Director Jay Boisseau said. "As supercomputing becomes fundamental to advances in so many areas of science and society, it's increasingly important to train the research and industry workforces with the skills to utilize these technologies effectively."

Researchers and developers who are new users of advanced computing technologies, and who have research problems requiring powerful computing, visualization, storage, or software, are encouraged to attend. The institute is open to all computational researchers with preference given to current TACC users, TeraGrid users, TACC industrial affiliate users, users from minority-serving institutions, and faculty/staff/graduate students from universities and non-profit research organizations who are likely to become users.

Brad Armosky, TACC's education coordinator, says the Institute will be intense and balanced across the major HPC training areas. In addition, senior TACC staff will provide one-on-one consulting so the students can get their own projects started and into TACC or TeraGrid.

"As these students progress from new users of advanced computing to intermediate and expert users," Armosky said, "they create new opportunities and career pathways for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. TACC is a proactive partner in this process."

Senior TACC staff will deliver presentations and lead interactive lab sessions focused on using TACC's advanced computing resources and technologies. Presentation topics and lab exercises will include:

  • Obtaining access to TACC resources and services
  • Providing an overview of the hardware and software of all TACC resources
  • Developing parallel programs with OpenMP and MPI
  • Using visualization and data analysis software and systems
  • Developing distributed computing applications
  • Analyzing and optimizing application performance
  • Building clusters for parallel and distributed computing and rendering
  • Using distributed resources with grid computing technologies
  • TACC is accepting applications for the Summer Supercomputing Institute through June 8. Applications will be reviewed and applicants notified of their status by June 15. A $150 fee is due June 22. This fee covers lunches, snacks and workshop materials. TACC will help participants make hotel and transportation arrangements.

    Interested researchers should apply online:

    For more information, please contact TACC Education Coordinator Brad Armosky at


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