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SC14 Podcast: Satoshi Matsuoka on Tsubame Innovations and the Exascale

Published on November 21, 2014 by Jorge Salazar

Satoshi Matsuoka, a professor at the Global Scientific Information and Computing Center and in the Department of Mathematical and Computing Sciences at Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Satoshi Matsuoka is a computer science professor and leader of the Tsubame project, one of the world's fastest and most efficient supercomputing grid clusters. Tsubame is located at the Global Scientific Information and Computing Center, hosted by the Tokyo Institute of Technology. We spoke with Sathoshi Matsuoka on the opening night of a busy convention floor at the SC14 supercomputing conference. He shared his knowledge of trends guiding high performance computing today, the exascale systems of tomorrow, and success stories with design of hybrid systems using GPU co-processors like Xeon Phi.

A full transcript of the podcast interview with Satoshi Matsuoka is available on the SoundCloud track info section.


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