Podcast: UT Chancellor William McRaven

Published on June 2, 2016 by Jorge Salazar

UT Chancellor William McRaven (left) visits the supercomputers at TACC with Executive Director Dan Stanzione (right).

University of Texas System Chancellor William McRaven gave a podcast interview at TACC during a visit for its building expansion dedication and the announcement of a $30 million award from the National Science Foundation for the new Stampede 2 supercomputer system.

Chancellor McRaven spoke of his path to lead the UT System of 14 Institutions, the importance of supercomputers to Texans and to the nation, the new Dell Medical School, and more.

William McRaven: "Behind all of this magnificent technology are the fantastic faculty, researchers, interns, our corporate partners that are part of this, the National Science Foundation, there are people behind all of the success of the TACC. I think that's the point we can never forget."

McRaven wrote about the value the Texas Advanced Computing Center brings to the University of Texas and to the nation in his blog, "The Future is Calling."